: There are many agencies offering varied tours with expert guides in many languages. It is advisable to take a tour to visit the different archeological sites. You can choose between bus tours, hiking tours, horseback-riding or maritime tours. In each alternative you will live a thrilling experience

-The bus tour offers half-day or full-day schedule.
-The maritime tour offers 3 alternatives that you can mix with snorkeling: 1 - Trip to the Islets" Motu Kao Kao" , " Motu Nui" and "Motu Iti". The length is approximately 2 and half hours .
2 -trip to Anakena beach, traditional lunch included and it lasts most of the day.
3-Trip around the island .
- horseback-riding tours can be hire in different places. It is a very attractive alternative for tourists . Half-day and full-day tours are offered.


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